Artist Workshops Le bestiaire - Ionna Vautrin

Using the creatures in the Le bestiaire exhibition as inspiration, these workshops encourage children to imagine their own creature on a blank costume. Devised by graphic designer Amélie Doistau and illustrator Tomoë Sugira, this design laboratory is inspired by the forms, colors, and patterns of existing animals. Once all the animal reveries are down on paper, the carnival can begin. The beasts are unleashed! They roar, sing, meow, growl… Fly, swim, run, jump, and pounce.

Workshops led by Amélie Gaulier-Brody


Workshop Danse-Image at French Alliance for Teens

Summer Cultural Discoveries Program with Teens : Workshop DANSE_IMAGE with Anton, Avery, Aryana, Brooke, Colleen, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Selina and Sophie. In the gallery surronding by the pictures of the photographer Grégoire Alexandre, New York, June 2015.