My hands-on touch massage can help any person who is looking for a state of deep relaxation in order to relieve emotional and/or physical tension due to stress, exhaustion, pain, injury or long-term illness. Body-Mind Centering® is an integrative approach to movement, the body, and consciousness. 

What does a Body-Mind Centering® session look like?

We'll start with a 5-10 minute talk about your specific needs and feelings. I will ask you some questions that will help to develop the session plan which is unique for each person. Using a massage table, you will lie either on your back or your belly, sometimes on your side.

The base of my work is to hold a frame of quietness in order to support a state of mindfulness, sustained by the different qualities of touch which encourage the deep breathing of body tissues.

My method focuses on accessing different layers of body systems in order to help you find a sense of comfort and a calm, energized presence.

This is a moment to reconnect deeply with your whole body and all of its healing potential. The openness of your mind informs and impacts the vitality of your body.  

  Lynn Hershman Leeson, Water Twins  



 "The tendencies to go out and in are always balancing; when they are in equilibrium, you arrive at center."


               Quotation and photo from the book  RAPIDS by Ziji Beth Goren


I see clients at Studio 26 in Chelsea and at the Awakening Healing Center in Greenpoint. To make an appointment, please contact me by phone at (929) 444 8411 or e-mail


A three- to five-session plan is generally a good format to address deeper psychophysical patterns, while one session is an excellent gift to yourself to feel relieved from immediate tension and stressful situations. For chronic illnesses, regular sessions over a longer period of time can benefit and support your immune system.

Lynn Hershman Leeson, X-Ray Woman

I am offering a sliding slide rate from January 2018:

I want people with all budget and incomes to be able to take care of their own health and wellness. 

At Studio 26 or Awakening center:
60 minutes  |  $65-$85
75 minutes  |  $85-$100
90 minutes  |  $90-$120

(No tips are expected)

Home session possible depending on your location.

The Body-Mind Centering® Association, Inc.

"The rich and rigorous four-year training of Certified Practitioners of BMC® is designed to facilitate experiential process through movement, sound, information, cellular transmission, hands-on touch and repatterning."

Amélie Gaulier-Brody is a Registered Professional Somatic Movement Therapist and member of ISMETA. Registered Somatic Movement Practitioners have completed extensive training in ISMETA-approved training programs.