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The Neo Domestic Performance Art Festival

  • Glasshouse 246 Union Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)


UNSEE is an invitation to perceive what's known anew. Throughout the duration of this 3-4 hour performance the audience is guided to an indirect and temporary investment of a personal object or piece of clothing. These volunteered materials will be continuously combined and converted into wearable sculptures by ntilit. HAM will activate, inhabit and embody each fresh piece, folding it into, and eventually out of, the performance. Four dancers and one artist-designer - proposing, finding, fumbling, stating, entangling and unraveling what is seen and re-seen. By engaging and intriguing notions of what's private and what's shared this performance offers unexpected recognition. Responsibility, expression, intimacy and irreverence are all at stake as the personal transitions to the collective and back again. The experience and investment of both performer and audience is infinitely unfolding - making space and time for new ways of seeing, embodying and being within the haptic world we cohabitate.

HAM (high art moment) is a collaboration between Amélie Gaulier-Brody, Dages Juvelier Keates, Rain Saukas and Alexis Steeves. Our collective projects have been inspired by a commitment to performance as a visual art form. We have asked “How can we both invite and return the gaze while also expressing our own sight / sightedness as performers? How can we better author the visual representation of our bodies?” Through a number of explorations we have discovered the most nourishing moments when we are in dialogue with spaces, galleries, sculptures - the visions of other visual artists. In other words, contexts which offer our own gaze a rich world of possibilities. In turn we are able to converse, merge, expand, explode and alter the ‘frame’ with which we are dancing.

ntilit was founded in 2010 by Natalia Roumelioti, and is a project based design studio dedicated to a passion for creating wearable sculptures and mixed media installations with focus on the intermediate space between the body and the surroundings. ntilit's mission is to create versatile crafted sculptures with a potential of a performative experience in the space. Ntilit's exploration of different materials and techniques is constantly evolving, while challenging preconceived ideas of “body to space”, interaction and welcoming an unprecedented ritual of the senses. The metaphor throughout the work of ntilit tends to be a transformation of preconditioned ways of perception into anew. It is a process of gaining new trust on what “might be”, after an otherwise perceived reality is flipped or tweaked.


Later Event: October 7
Body-Mind Centering Workshop