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Am I An Image Moving at Chez Bushwick

  • Chez Bushwick 304 Boerum St, #23 Brooklyn, NY 11206 (map)


 I'm happy to invite you to my solo research presentation Am I An Image Moving January  27th  at 7:30 pm at Chez Buschwick

Chez Bushwick's WIP Showings are free and open to the public! 4 artists will showtheir works in progress. A guest moderator will initiate the dialogue, questions and feed-backs after the showings with the public and the artists.


Am I An Image Moving

The notions of indeterminacy and improvisation, and the place they give to the random and the unfinished, compose the framework for my choreographic investigations. The way I work is a process of constant sliding and of making incongruous connections, reflecting the random path navigation of my thought-movement.

Dance as a shelter. Dance as a transition. Dance as an opening space. Dance as an image moving. Dance as a hearing. Dance as a ghost alive. Dance as a cavern. Where does imagination come from? What part of imagination do I carry with my spiritual-macrobiotoique- cellular-atomic-anatomic-ordinary-physical body? If I produce sound with my breath and start to produce sounds with my mouth, tongue, lips, velum, cheeks, teeth, throat, vocals cords, could I make choreographic art? I mean could I create a dance from the breath-sounds moving inside my body-cavern and be moved by this invisible material—as my thoughts—and call this a dance?