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Reversible Skirt at Glasshouse / ’Forms of Repetition'

  • Glasshouse 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn, 11211 (map)


at Glasshouse / 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn, 11211

Reversible Skirt  was created for the exhibition Notes On Performance ,  The  E MOTION AL  Architecture of the Body curated by FrancesZ. Cooper in July 2015 at Song For Presidents Gallery. The performance explores the ritualistic aspect of a 5-minute gesture. The action starts with the production of vocalizations and finishes by covering the upper body with the skirt. Like the image of an hourglass timer, the core of the inverted action is non-timed but the intention of the gesture, rooted in the resonance of the sonorous body, measures the cyclic length of time between the first image and the last. 

’Forms of Repetition' is an evening dedicated to durationality in performance making. The entire space of Glasshouse will be transformed into a pulsation of repeated action. Unlike theater, music and dance visual performances are almost never rehearsed. They occur and exist in real time. Repetition allows performance the space to explore itself while in the making, allows it to be a process of revelation rather than a familiar choreography. Hosted by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry. $FREE